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Seismic Testing - Encana
The Town of Firestone maintains a positive working relationship with oil and gas companies serving and doing work within Town limits. Occasionally, oil and gas companies will request a license to conduct seismic testing within Town limits. This license is reviewed by staff, and then reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Encana Oil & Gas
The most recent Encana seismic testing was in April 2014.

Questions or concerns during this activity: Contact Pete Smith, Encana Geophysicist, 303-656-6562.

Seismic Testing Q&A

Q: What is a seismic survey?seismic
A: A seismic survey uses state-of-the-art technology to produce detailed images of geological layers deep beneath the earth's surface. From this data, maps are created to attempt to locate the exact position of oil and gas reservoirs. To generate the seismic images, Encana employs specialized mobile trucks to direct low force vibrations into the ground. These acoustic waves (also known as seismic) penetrate deep into the earth, bouncing off geological layers before reflecting back up to the surface. Arriving back at the surface, this seismic data is recorded by many small sensors called geophones which are temporarily planted in the soil in lines several miles long for this purpose.

Q: Will homeowners be able to feel the vibrations at their house?
A: Based on past history, no. Homeowners shouldn't feel it at their house. All of the vibrations are designed to put energy vertically down in the ground and don’t cause much vibration in the horizontal direction. As the contractors record, they monitor the horizontal vibration to ensure this does not happen.
Q: What’s the most visible part?
A: The crew conducting the work is most visible when the vibrators are working. They move through a field like a big tractor, stopping every 110 feet, and accelerating their engines to drive the hydraulics that creates the ground force.

Q: Will Encana put the drilling rig where the trucks are?
A: No, Encana uses seismic surveying to map several square miles around each well, but the rig location will been selected using a number of factors such as landowner agreements, topography, wildlife and ease of access.

Q: Is this different than other seismic seen in the area?
A: Yes. Encana is doing a SeisLoop test as opposed to a 3D seismic test. The difference being:
Typical Encana SeisLoop                                                               Typical 3D Seismic
1. Lay cable around section line roads                                            1. Geophones every 220 feet (pink line)
2. Minimal footprint                                                                        2. Dense surface Footprint
3. Vibrators and phones every 110 feet (red line)                               3. Vibrator source points every 220 feet (blue line)