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Capital Improvement Projects
2017 Capital Improvement Projects

Design Projects

McClure Avenue Extension Design
  • The Town will complete the design for the extension of McClure Avenue to Colorado Boulevard in Historic Firestone. As part of the project a bridge or culvert will be designed to span the Tri-Town Drainageway while the existing concrete drainage swale at the McClure/First/Dunmire intersection will ber replaced with a buried stormsewer.
  • This project will require cooperation with both the Town of Frederick and Weld County meaning there are opportunities to continue building collaborative relationships.
  • Design will take place in 2017 and construction is slated for 2018.

Construction Projects

Jackson Avenue Improvements
  • A new waterline and pavement along Jackson Avenue from First to Fourth street. Public Works will replace the existing 4-inch waterline with an 8-inch PVC waterline.
  • Following the completion of the waterline replacement, any damaged curb, gutter and sidewalk will be replaced along with full replacement of all the asphalt pavement.
  • Funding for the replacement of water lines will be through the Town’s water fund, while the street repairs will be funded through the one-cent sales tax increase passed by residents in November 2013.
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Construction: Will begin in the spring.

Carbon Valley Reservoir
  • Last fall the Town approved the purchase of an existing gravel pit for the purpose of a new reservoir for water storage. In January the Town will make the initial down payment and staff will present the Board with a proposed scope and budget for the design of the pump stations and associated pipes to allow water to be transferred to and from the St. Vrain River.
  • The Town will also start the legal process of securing a water right to allow the Town to take water from the river at times when there is excess flow.
  • If the gravel company completes its mining in 2017, the Town will proceed with the final payment and take ownership of the property sometime in 2018.

Street Sustainability Program
The Town will continue with its operations and maintenance sustainability program throughout Town.

  • Colorado Boulevard (CR 13): Patch, crack fill, slurry and stripe between Mountain Shadows Boulevard and Colo. Highway 66
  • Additional projects TBD

Colorado Department of Transportation Projects
Because of Firestone's proximity to these regional projects being done by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Town of Firestone wanted to provide updates on the projects with links for more information. Please note that these projects are being done by the Colorado Department of Transportation Project, not the Town.

Highway 119
Project Timeline: April 2016 - July 2017
Project Work Area: WCR 1 to Interstate 25

Project Summary
Colo. Highway 119 suffered damage from the September 2013 floods. The project will rebuild and repair Highway 119 from East County Line Road to I-25. The project includes bridge repair, extensive erosion control measures to reinforce the highway, the installation of adaptive traffic signal hardware to upgrade the timing of the traffic signals and improve the flow of traffic for commuters. The new surface of the roadway will be concrete. Concrete is expected to require less maintenance and will provide a smoother, safer driving surface.

The contractor on this $14.9 million project is Castle Rock Construction Company of Colorado.

Traffic Report Update from CDOT

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) began work on phases one and two of the Colo. Highway 119 construction project near Longmont on April 13.

Project Update - October 2016
Project Update - July 2016
Project Update - June 2016

Contact the Project Team
Phone: 720-443-5543


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