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Water Services Forms
Water Rates & Charges - Water Rates and Charges

Water Disconnection Policy - Water Disconnection Policy

Automatic Billing (ACH) Form - Any person wishing to have their water bill paid via their checking account by automatic payment needs to complete this form. Water/stormwater customers will still receive statements by mail and then, each month, payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 20th of month.

Barefoot Lakes - New residential customers in the Barefoot Lakes neighborhood will receive water through the Little Thompson Water District.

Barefoot Lakes Builder Stormwater Application
- Any builder constructing as a residential home in Barefoot Lakes neighborhood in the Town of Firestone is required to complete this form to begin stormwater service.

Barefoot Lakes Residential Stormwater Application - Any person purchasing a residential property in Barefoot Lakes Subdivision in the Town of Firestone is required to complete this form to begin stormwater service.

Cancel Residential Water/Stormwater Service - Any residential customer wishing to cancel water/stormwater service must fill out this form.

Commercial Water/Stormwater Application - For any stand alone commercial building that has water/stormwater provided to the building. If there is more than one business within the building the owner must fill out this form for water/stormwater service.

Email Billing Form - This form is for any resident wishing to receive their water/stormwater bills via email versus standard post card delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

Final Water/Stormwater Request Form - This form is for title companies that are needing to request final water readings and final bills for a property they are closing on.

Realtor and Banker Water/Stormwater Deposit Application - This form is for Realtors or banks that need to have their name put on a water/stormwater account to be able to receive current water/stormwater bills for a designated property.

Reconnection Form - This form needs to be completed if water service has been disconnected for non-payment within the last 48 hour. This form, along with past due balance on the account and reconnection fee, will need to be received by the town by 4:15 p.m. to have water reconnected the same business day.

Reinstating Water Service - Reinstating Water Service

Rental Water Applications are no longer accepted. The Town of Firestone requires that properties be listed in the owner's name only.

Residential Water/Stormwater Application - Any person purchasing a residential property in the Town is required to complete this form to begin water/stormwater service.

Stormwater Utility Service Fees - Stormwater Utility Service Fees

Street Light Fee -
Street Light Fee