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Planning for a New Public Safety Facility
Current Facilitycurrent police facility
The Firestone Police Department operates out of limited space inside Town Hall which was built in 1999. Town Hall includes a board/court room, administrative office space and police office space, which was designed to only accommodate five police staff members. In 2008, the Town invested in a modular office building that sits behind Town Hall. Here are some facts on the modular building:
  • The modular building was provided as a temporary structure to accommodate additional officers for no longer than a three-year term. It has now been in service for more than 8 years.
  • Not only is the modular shared jointly between the Finance and Police Departments, 18 officers share work space in the half of the modular utilized by the Police Department.
  • The modular is not outfitted with the necessary technical equipment considered standard by public safety officials. 
  • Architects estimate that the current facility is only 30 percent of what is needed today.

Planning for a New Facility
Discussions for a new police facility have been ongoing since 2002, but escalated in early 2016 as the Board directed staff to move forward with a public facility comprehensive plan, which included facility planning, architecture and design, cost analysis, site selection and public education.
preliminary public safety facility
In June 2016, the Board approved a contract with Roth Sheppard Architects to procure professional architecture services for programming, site selection, design and related services for a proposed new police facility.

Ongoing meetings through the summer with the police department propelled the planning process forward to consider key programming and needs. In addition, the Town hosted several community meetings which allowed residents to provide feedback and insight into the site layout and building styles and materials.

In October, Roth Sheppard Architects presented preliminary architectural designs and cost estimates. Read more about the designs here. Cost estimates came in below original estimates at $9.5 million.

Proposed Public Safety Facility Facts & Updates

On Aug. 10, 2016, Roth Sheppard recommended and the Town Board selected Central Park as the site for the proposed facility.

Proposed Financing

The Town’s financial advisor on the project, George K. Baum & Company, provided an analysis of financing options at the Aug. 10, 2016, meeting.

November 2016 Election
The Town of Firestone approved language and ballot initiative 2E that went before voters in November. The initiative included:
  • Issue 2E requested a 0.85 percent sales and use tax increase for the construction, operation and maintenance of a new Firestone public safety facility and the provision of public safety services. The current Firestone sales tax rate is 3.0 percent.
  • 2E restricted 0.6 percent of the total 0.85 percent sales tax to a maximum term of 20 years, or until the building was paid. After that maximum 20 year term, the 0.6 percent portion of the sales tax would no longer be applied.
  • 2E authorized the Town to collect in perpetuity 0.25 percent of the total sales tax for operation and maintenance of the public safety facility.
  • Debt authorization for borrowing of a maximum principal amount of $10,500,000 for construction and capital improvement costs.

Election Results
Final election results show that Firestone voters did not approve ballot measure 2E to fund a new public safety facility.
  • Total registered voters: 8,617
  • Total voter turnout for Ballot Issue 2E: 6,394
  • Yes: 2,971, 46.47 percent
  • No: 3,423, 53.53 percent

Next Steps
Following the November election, the Board of Trustees has directed staff to work with Roth Sheppard Architects to proceed in preparing final architectural renderings, which will allow for a shovel-ready project as soon as funding can be found. While the Town hasn't made a final decision about what form that funding may take, having the project ready may help in potential grant applications and a potential to have it on next November’s ballot once again. In addition, the Board and staff will be reviewing voter concerns and continuing a campaign to educate residents about the need for the facility.