The Engineering Department provides master planning, design, review and technical support of the Town's various public infrastructure elements.


  • Development plan review and assists Public Works with construction inspection for all streets, water and storm sewer being constructed 
  • Provides mapping, surveying and GIS services
  • Planning, budgeting, and design of capital projects related to the Town's streets, water and storm sewer systems 
  • Permitting of activities that occur in Firestone's street rights of way, such as utility work, driveway installations, and sidewalk, curb, and gutter replacement 
  • Infrastructure coordination with special service districts, Weld County, and various State agencies.

Pavement Condition Survey

The Town of Firestone conducts a pavement condition survey every three years to access the condition of all streets in Firestone. The pavement condition survey gathers information using a laser to perform a surface condition assessment. Segments of each street were given a score of what its surface condition is currently, which allows staff to access which streets need attention now and which can be postponed. Along with the score, raw data was provided that can help determine the appropriate treatment or repair. The results allow the Town to rank and prioritize street rehabilitation with scientific data.