Capital Improvement Projects

Design Projects 

McClure Avenue Widening Design

  • The Town will complete the design for the widening of McClure Avenue between First Street and Adams Way in first half of 2018.
  • This project will allow for 2-way traffic between First and Fourth Streets (currently only 1-way westbound) and allow for on-street parking on the north side of the street.
  • If funds are available, construction will start the second half of 2018.

Construction Projects 

McClure Avenue Extension

  • Construction has started to extend McClure Avenue to Colorado Blvd. from First Street
  • The bridge superstructure that will allow the roadway to cross the Tri-Town Drainageway is currently being manufactured off-site and will be delivered once the bridge abutments are completed.
  • A block retaining wall along the south side of the new roadway has been installed along with the roadway curb.

Photo of new block retaining wall being installed on the south side of McClure Avenue

  • As construction started, we discovered that the existing stormsewer that was constructed on the 1970's in this area was not in the alignment identified.  The system had a manhole that was burried and the pipe was actualy in an alignment that conflicted with some of the planned project improvements.  A redisgn was completed while the block retaing wall was under construction so that no time was lost.

Site plan sheet from the construction plan set that shows the planned roadway improvements.

Jackson Avenue Improvements

  • This project was completed in 2017.

Firestone Reservoir No. 1

  • Last fall the Town approved the purchase of an existing gravel pit for the purpose of a new reservoir for water storage. In January the Town made the initial down payment.
  • Staff is working on a proposed scope and budget for the design of the pump stations and associated pipes to allow water to be transferred to and from the St. Vrain River and the irrigation ditchs that deliver water to the reservoir.
  • The Town will also start the legal process of securing a water right to allow the Town to take water from the river at times when there is excess flow.
  • This facility will be a key element in the planned non-potable water irrigation system the Town will use to irrigate parks with.