PAR Program

The Firestone Police Department’s Police Area Representatives (PAR) Program is part of the department’s community policing and community relations programs.

The PAR Program was created to take an active and proactive approach to combating crime within the Firestone community, while also allowing residents to become actively involved. Having program representatives within neighborhoods helps with Firestone’s quality of life and gives residents a chance to express concerns within their neighborhood and the opportunity for police to provide positive solutions.

The goal of the program is to take an active approach to solving problems by providing extra patrols, utilizing crime statistics and incorporating community involvement.

Community Policing

The PAR Program is active in community policing including the Neighborhood Watch Program, Crime Prevention, Citizen Police Academy and Community Relations events, including the Firestone Public Officials Meet & Greet, Halloween Safe Night and Santa Cops. Resident participation in these programs are encouraged.

Reserve Police Program

The Firestone Police Department offers a Reserve Police Program so residents can volunteer and work as a non-paid police officer.

Youth Involvement

The PAR Program works collectively with youth in the community by providing activities that give youth in the Firestone community a chance to get to know the police department and its officers better. This involvement creates a positive approach to police officers and a sense of community involvement. The Firestone Police Department also offers an Explorer Cadet Program so youths can take a more active approach to becoming a future police officer.

Firestone Police Citizenship Award

During each of the school quarters, students from Firestone schools are recognized for outstanding citizenship. The police department honors students who are punctual, who are good examples to their peers and who are overall good community members both inside and outside of school. While grades are not a big motivator to win, student participation in the classroom is vital. Teachers provide recommendations, and the Firestone School Resource Officer Luke Dunker makes the final selections. The winner is awarded a T-shirt, certificate and picture.