Mosquito Control

Mosquito Spraying Schedule

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How Often Does Town Spraying Occur?

2019_MosquitoControlThe Town of Firestone sprays adulticides and larvicides as needed. Each season is different, so the frequency varies. Mosquito traps are set in strategic locations throughout Town to determine mosquito type and population. If there is an increase in the mosquito population, the Board of Trustees considers changes to the mosquito control schedule.

Which Days are Designated for Mosquito Control Spraying?

The Town generally sprays beginning at dusk and will be out no later than 10:30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays (weather permitting) at the height of mosquito activity, in order to eliminate a larger population of mosquitos.

Which Chemicals are Used for Spraying? 

  • Mosquito Adulticides: Anvil 2 + 2 ULV, Biomist 3 + 15 ULV
  • Mosquito Larvicides: VectoBac CG, Altosid XR, VectoLex CG

For more information on pesticides used for mosquito control and for information on West Nile Virus protection, visit or

Mosquito Bite Prevention

Read tips on how to best prevent mosquito bites from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) here


If there are any questions on the Town of Firestone’s mosquito control program, please contact us at 303-833-3544.