Trustee Samantha Meiring

Trustee MeiringWhat inspired you to run for election and continues to drive your passion to serve as an elected official?

I ran for election to the Board because I love my community, and I wanted to serve the citizens of Firestone. I wanted to represent my friends and neighbors, and ensure that there was always a diversity of experience and input on decisions made by the Board.

I believe that the best solutions come from a respectful discussion of opposing ideas, and the ability to come to an agreement and move forward. I wanted to bring that dynamic to the Board.

What is your professional and educational background, and what committees have you served on that benefit the Town?

I earned a post-graduate degree in clinical psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stellenbosch University.

I’ve worked predominantly in health care in assorted research, data, analysis and evaluation fields for more than 22 years. I currently work as an Evaluation Project Manager for an HIV/AIDS education program, and an opioid medication assisted therapy program managed by the UC Denver College of Nursing.

In addition to all the usual Board duties, I am very involved in legislative activities that impact the Town, including:

  • Chair of Firestone Urban Renewal Authority (2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Trustee member of Firestone Cultural Committee
  • Colorado Municipal League (CML) Policy Committee
  • CML Executive Board

What is relevant in your past professional experience that you apply to the Town of Firestone?

With experience in analyzing data and evaluating programs, I bring a critical eye to Firestone activities, allowing me to see what works and what needs adjusting. I also have public speaking and training experience, which serves me well as a Trustee.

What are your passions in and out of the Town, and how do you apply them to your position?

My passions are my family, friends, reading, politics, cooking, baking and knitting. Everything I do as a Trustee is viewed through the lens of my own family and friends and how it would affect them. Our family is much like most other Firestone families, so this is a very effective assessment.

What legacy do you want to leave?

I hope to get Firestone on the path to improved technological connectivity (broadband or similar), find workable solutions to the lack of public transportation, figure out the weird zip-code issue, and serve as an effective legislative voice for the needs of our Town and citizens.

What do you think makes the Town of Firestone unique and different?

Firestone is a wonderful community in which to live. We have both a small-town feel, where neighbors know and help each other, along with proximity to all the big city amenities in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. We also have a perfect location to entice businesses to our Town with easy access to I-25. We really have the best of both worlds.