LED Street Light Conversion Project

Contractors with United Power, the Town's energy provider, completed the conversion of existing intersection lights in Historic Firestone to LED technology in early 2016. 

In 2015, United Power conducted a LED Pilot Project to convert neighborhood streets lights from the traditional amber lights to white LED lights. The Town of Firestone has been using white lights on its traffic signals for years and considered the change for neighborhood lights. Based on the pilot program, United Power was directed by the Town of Firestone to move forward to convert existing intersection lights in Historic Firestone to LED. 

The cost of the updates to the LED technology was paid through revenues set aside by United Power to be used in Firestone per the franchise agreement between them. The Town may utilize a 1.5 percent credit that United Power banks on the Town’s behalf from all Firestone revenues. This credit is often utilized by municipalities to offset the costs of projects.

LED Facts

  • LEDs are now easier to incorporate into your everyday life, and prices are quickly becoming more affordable.
  • Conversion of LED lights throughout Firestone will reduce the Town’s power bills annually by 42 percent