Trustee Douglas Sharp

Trustee SharpWhat inspired you to run for election and continues to drive your passion to serve as an elected official?

A desire to contribute to my town. We can only effect change through participation.

What is your professional and educational background, and what committees have you served on that benefit the Town?

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Marist College, and I’ve been working for 25 years in telecommunications, public safety communications, and cellular/mobile broadband systems and solutions.

I currently serve on the Finance Committee and Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District (FFFPD) Steering Committee. I’m also part informal working groups that require a technologist.

What is relevant in your past professional experience that you apply to the Town of Firestone?

For more than 25 years, I’ve designed, built, installed, sold and maintained critical communication public safety and commercial cellular/mobile broadband solutions. These systems and solutions work to support first responders and critical infrastructure. Engineering quality and cost-effective solutions improve lives.

In addition, I’ve supported amateur radio emergency communications systems during times of emergency. I try to bring the same passion for communications and quality systems to the Town, as well.

While running a small business, I’ve learned to focus on the bottom line and remain fiscally responsible, including consistently reporting and monitoring finances to provide the necessary information needed to make sound financial decisions.

What are your passions in and out of the Town, and how do you apply them to your position?

I love to build things and always welcome an opportunity to get my hands dirty. This can be electronic, mechanical or relationships. I try to unify and bring out my best in my work. I strive to bring this to the Town, as well. I also love to volunteer and meet people. Events like 4th at Firestone, our Annual Clean-up Day and Halloween Safe Night are my favorites.

What legacy do you want to leave?

I’d like to leave a legacy of service. Perhaps not as bold as President Kennedy asking what we can do for our country, but I’d like to have people think about what they can do to help their neighbors and the Town move forward. I try to live by the Firestone motto and encourage others to do the same: A Community in Motion.

What do you think makes the Town of Firestone unique and different?

Our desire to embrace the past while still looking forward. The people of Firestone care for others. This was demonstrated during the flood of 2013, and then the incident of April 17, 2017. Our residents come together to help one another. While some communities divide and knock each other down, we tend to come together. There are always exceptions, but I cannot imagine better neighbors than those of Firestone.