Trustee Don Conyac

Trustee Conyac

What inspired you to run for election and continues to drive your passion to serve as an elected official?

The inspiration for me to run for Firestone Trustee came from the time that I served on the Firestone Police Station Task Force. While working on this Task Force, I gained a sense of community that made me want to do something more after the Task Force work was done. When it was announced that there were to be empty seats in the coming election, I made a decision to run for the position of Trustee.

What is your professional and educational background?

I have been a firefighter for 34 years: 16 years with the Rocky Flats Fire Department and the last 18 years with the City of Boulder Fire Department. My time at the Rocky Flats Fire Department gave me experience in the industrial setting, where I learned a great deal about hazardous materials emergency response, among other technical aspects of firefighting. My years with the Boulder Fire Department have given me a lot of experience with emergency medical and municipal issues, as well as years of interacting with people from every socioeconomic class. Currently I hold the position of Fire Code Inspector with the rank of Lieutenant.

I completed a couple of years of college, but I did not graduate. I like to say that life has given me more opportunities to learn than any college or university could, and some of the lessons were as costly, or more, than if I had graduated from college.

Currently I do not serve on any committees, but I'm going to bet that changes soon.

What is relevant in your past professional experience that you apply to the Town of Firestone?

Being a firefighter gives a person a unique perspective on things. You are always preparing for "what if." I think that I can bring that "what if" mentality to some of the strategic planning that the Town will be doing as it prepares for its future. My career has also been one of action. What I mean is that when we are called to help, we need to act and do what is necessary to remedy the situation. I hope to bring this spirit of "action" to the Board.

What are your passions in and out of the Town, and how do you apply them to your position?

I love the outdoors. So, most of my passions revolve around being outside, being active and enjoying nature. My other passion is to be of help to others. It has always been a part of who I am.

Being a Trustee, I hope that I will be of service to the citizens of Firestone and that my love for the outdoors will be reflected in parks and other amenities in the Town.

What legacy do you want to leave?

I want to leave the legacy that I did the best I could, and that I was a man of honesty and integrity.

What do you think makes the Town of Firestone unique and different?

Our location, the history of this area and the citizens. We are located close to the Front Range, but not quite against it. We have abundant coal and hydrocarbon deposits in this area that also give us our history, which is centered around the hydrocarbon industry. A lot of the people who live in this area work in this industry, but we also have a fast-growing population that is very diverse in many other industries, including service and computers.