Trustee Frank A. Jimenez

Trustee Jimenez

What inspired you to run for election and continues to drive your passion to serve as an elected official?

Firestone has a great deal of opportunity in its future, and I find this truly inspiring. When I speak with members of the community, I hear optimism and feel the excitement of the prospect of things to come. This excitement energizes me and fuels the passion to serve like nothing else. As an elected official, I look forward to working with the community to turn common dreams into reality. We have so much in store for the future, and I look forward to being a part of it.

What is relevant in your past professional experience that you apply to the Town of Firestone?

In my line of business, it is essential that the team I lead partners with other teams in the company to ensure the mutual success of the organization. Collaboration, communication, customer focus, openness to new ideas, and the willingness to change are critical components of any successful organization. I intend to bring this mindset with me to the Board of Trustees and look forward to working together with the residents, business leaders, Board, and staff to foster a thriving community in which we all prosper.

What are your passions in and out of the Town, and how do you apply them to your position?

Making the best of everyday opportunities has always been a great passion of mine. Opportunity presents itself in many forms and many disguises. As a Trustee, I look forward to identifying opportunity for our Town and acting on it to better our community.

What legacy do you want to leave? 

When I look back at my time as a Trustee, I want to be able to say that I contributed to the advancement of, and helped bring forth, the vision of our community. I want our residents to beam with pride when they tell people they live in Firestone, and I want our Town to be a model of achievement, thoughtful growth, and sense of community.

What do you think makes the Town of Firestone unique and different?

Firestone is unique in that it is a small town that is in close proximity to a number of larger cities. This has allowed Firestone to maintain a small-town feel, while still having large-city amenities nearby. Because of this, our Town is very attractive to people that care about each other and work together for mutual success in every aspect of life. I am very proud to live in a community with residents that are encouraging and respectful of one another.