Police Station

Police Station with a Municipal Court Room and other Community Facilities

 Firestone PD - Memorial CourtyardLocated on the southeast corner of Colorado Blvd. and Sable Ave. in Central Park, the new police station will be designed to meet our community’s current and future public safety needs. 

A much-needed courtroom, records area, and hazardous and biological materials storage area will also be included at the new facility. The energy efficient building will help reduce operating costs, and current projections estimate an additional $50,000 of annual savings by eliminating the need for the Town to lease other office space.

As Firestone continues to grow, so will our police department. To provide the highest level of public safety, the new police facility will be built with growth in mind. By 2028, the Department is expected to have nearly 60 employees, which is double the size of its current staff size, with a projected 75 employees by 2038. The new police station is designed and sized to meet the community’s needs for the next 20 years, and the site will allow for future expansion, as needed.

Different Views and Elevations Drawings

Drawings of the South side, North side, and Police entry of the facility