Business Assistance & Incentives

HandshakeThe Town of Firestone and its partners recognize that business development is important to the economic health of Firestone. No matter the type or size of the business, the Economic Development team will work collaboratively with Town partners to assist businesses with identifying potential sites for business relocation or expansion, understanding the unique nature of the rapidly growing Firestone community, connecting to resources and community businesses, or working to help meet the changing needs of a growing business.  The Economic Development team will also organize and facilitate a meeting with all staff and resource partners relevant to your project to provide a focused understanding of how your project can succeed in Firestone. 

If financial assistance is needed to bridge the gap in a project and move it forward, the Economic Development team will work to identify a comprehensive package of business services and incentives available to the business, based on project eligibility. All Town financial assistance and incentive programs are considered on a case-by-case basis, and programs available through partner organizations may have minimum qualification criteria. The following are key factors considered for financial assistance packages to businesses:  

  • Primary Employer or Significant Retailer;
  • Wages paid are above average;
  • Number of new jobs;
  • Significant sales tax generator; and/or 
  • Size of capital investment (land, building, equipment).

Contact the Town of Firestone Economic Development staff for further information and guidance. 

The Economic Development team is committed to helping businesses achieve success in the Town of Firestone.

Additional incentives programs are available from Weld County through Upstate Colorado Economic Development and the State of Colorado

  1. Paula Mehle

    Director of Economic Development & FURA

  2. Bobbi Sindelar

    Economic Development Manager