2024 Candidates

Town of Firestone Municipal Election Candidates

The Town Clerk held the lot draw for the upcoming municipal election on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room/Court Room at the Firestone Police Department & Municipal Court Building. This lot draw determined the order in which candidates will appear on the mailed ballot. Below are the results from the lot draw.  View the recording of the lot drawing here

Mayor (Vote for one):

  • Drew Peterson 
  • Don Conyac

Trustee (Vote for three):

View the 2024 Election Notice here.  

Candidate Profiles

The Town of Firestone invited all eligible candidates to complete a Candidate Profile. The profiles received have not been edited. All profiles received have been posted online for voters to review.

Fair Campaign Finance Documents

Drew Peterson
Don Conyac 
Lorna Morton
David Whelan
John Damsma
Linda J. Haney
Steven Wostenberg
Scott Franks
Trent John
Ray Byrd 
Bobby Matthews