New Town Hall

The Town of Firestone is constructing a new Town Hall to provide a functional facility capable of accommodating operational needs and quality service delivery. The project was identified in the Town’s approved 2020 Budget and Capital Improvement Plan.  The new facility will be located just north of the Police Department & Municipal Court Building, on the Central Park property.  The new building will house Town offices that include: Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Planning & Development, Economic Development, Public Works and the Town Clerk’s Office. The new Firestone Town Hall will ensure a completely integrated approach to citizen and customer service.

PROJECT STATUS: Under Construction
It is anticipated the project will be complete Fall 2021.

  1. Raelynn Ferrera

    Assistant to the Town Manager
    Phone: 303-531-6257

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Town of Firestone Town Hall Building

The current facility cannot meet the existing staffing needs or demand for service. The existing 7,778 sq. ft. Town Hall, located at 151 Grant Avenue, was built in 1999 at a time when the Town’s population was 1,800 (2000 Census) and residential and commercial development activity was not at the current pace. Currently, offices are dispersed between Town Hall and an adjacent modular building. A staffing development plan was completed to assist in the development of the design for the new facility. 

Code compliance issues make remodeling or expanding at the current location less financially viable than at the new location, located adjacent to the new Police Department & Municipal Court Building on the Central Park property. At the current facility, there are several items that are not in building code compliance, including restrooms, fire-rated walls, and the lack of energy efficiency items. The existing Town Hall also has drainage issues on site which create hazards during snow/ice conditions. If remodeling or construction were to be done at this location, it would be a temporary solution at best. The Town would have to address storm drainage and parking concerns - expensive items that prohibit additional workspace.