Firestone Police Department Performance

Firestone Police Department & Municipal Court Building

Statment from the 

Firestone Board of Trustees

Posted: September 13, 2021

In April of this year we made the difficult decision to bring in an outside law enforcement expert to audit certain findings and review factors affecting the performance of our Police Department.  The Board needed to determine if the customs and practices of our Police Department were both compliant with State law and consistent with law enforcement best practices.  Alan Youngs was hired to conduct that review and report directly to the Board of Trustees.

On June 30th Mr. Youngs presented his initial findings to the Board of Trustees in an open meeting.  That was a difficult, sobering meeting for all involved.  The clear message was that our Police Department was in need of significant improvement; everything from policies, procedures, organizational structure, to operations.  As a Board, we promised that once received, we would make the final report public.  It can be viewed here.  The report is a detailed assessment of the Department and its customs and practices as of the Summer of 2021.  As we move forward, the report includes 21 specific and actionable recommendations to improve the operations and effectiveness of our Police Department.  

Under the direction of Acting Chief Bryce Borders, the Department Command staff, and Safety Services Director Mark Campbell progress is already being made.  5 of the 21 recommendations have already been implemented.  Another 13 are either in process or are currently being reviewed for implementation.  In addition, the Department is developing a strategic plan to guide our Town’s future police operations.  As a Board, we are encouraged and grateful for the way our Police Department Command staff has risen to the challenge.   As we look forward to recruiting and appointing a new Police Chief, we know we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that our Police Department is ready to provide outstanding public safety services.    

There’s no question this has been a difficult process.  Change can be difficult and this has been no exception.  But we will be a better Department and Town government for this effort.  Throughout this process, we have been transparent, open, and focused on the Town’s long-term best interests.  

Final Report