Mountain Shadows Bike Park & Pump Track


In 2022, the Board of Trustees approved a contract to design and construct a Pump Track and Bike Park in the Mountain Shadows subdivision, just south of the Mountain Shadows Park. In the 2023 Capital Improvement Projects budget, Phase 2 of the Pump Track and Bike Park was approved, which includes the dirt bike park portion. During the February 8, 2023 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a change order to the original contract approved in May of 2022, to include the design and construction of Phase 2. With this approval, both phases of the park will be constructed at once. Work is anticipated to begin this spring. 

The Mountain Shadows pump track, and bike park will allow cyclists of all ages to develop skills for off-road biking. The layout will utilize a mixture of asphalt and dirt pathways, intersections, and turns to allow riders to develop various ways of traversing the track. The park's paths and obstacles will provide playgrounds and training facilities for bikers, skateboarders, or scooter riders at any skill level.

  1. Chuck Bradt

    Parks Division Manager
    Phone: 303-833-3544

Project Area: P2022-9332-D RFP Mountain Shadows Park Pump Track  Bike Park Project Map

Park Layout & Amenities:

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