Business Licenses

Business/Home Occupation License Application

The Town of Firestone requires all business activities and enterprises physically located within the Town or operating within the Town to obtain and maintain a valid Town of Firestone Business License. 

A business license is required by any business that is: 1. Physically located within the Town of Firestone be it in a commercial facility OR, 2. Located within a residential unit (home occupation) within the Town of Firestone, 3. Conducting business (sales or delivery of products or services) within the Town of Firestone though not physically based in the Town of Firestone, OR, 4. Leasing of property within the Town of Firestone.

Contractors associated with the building industry (plumbers, HVAC, carpenters, etc.) and working on projects within the Town of Firestone are required to obtain a Contractor's License, NOT a Business License. EXCEPTIONIf a Contractor's daily business operations are physically located within the Town of Firestone, they shall obtain a Business License and then when working on a project within the Town of Firestone they shall also obtain a Contractor's License.

If you are a contractor please proceed to the Contractor's License Application. Only contractors PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN FIRESTONE ARE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN BOTH a Business License AND a Contractor's License. If you are a contractor physically located outside of Firestone but want a business license for tax reporting purposes please note such in the business description. Questions about a contractor's license? Call 303-531-6259.

License Fees

Business/Home Occupation licenses are issued each calendar year and shall be renewed annually on or before December 31st to avoid late fees.

Business/Home Occupation LicenseFee
Renewal  (Fee increases $10 every 30 days late (FMC 5.04.150) $50.00
Credit Card Fee Convenience Fee3.5%

Sales Tax Resources

As a statutory town, the Town of Firestone's sales tax is collected by the State of Colorado. Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue for more information.

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