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Firestone Board, Commission or Committee Application

  1. Town of Firestone Board, Commission or Committee Application

    To be considered for a board or commission vacancy, please complete this application.

    Qualifications: All positions require residency within the Town of Firestone, and, in some instances, a particular area of experience or vocation is preferred. Additional information can be found on the Town’s website under  Boards and Commissions, or you can contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 303-531-6264.

    The Board of Trustees will review candidate applications and, upon approval, will formally appoint individuals at a regularly scheduled Town Board meeting.

  2. To be a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission you must have been a resident of the Town for a period of at least one year prior to beginning the term to which they have been appointed.

  3. Do you currently serve, or have you previously served, on a board, commission or committee?*
  4. If not appointed at this time, would you be interested in serving on any other boards, commissions or committees for the Town of Firestone? *
  5. The Town of Firestone will make reasonable accommodations for access to town services, programs, and activities and will make special communication arrangements for persons with disabilities. Please call 303-531-6264 for assistance.
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