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External Special Events Application

  1. Firestone_Color
  2. Town of Firestone 2023 External Special Events Application

    If your event is constituted as a Special Event, please fill out the form below. Once received, further forms and Event planners are asked to submit this application at least 60 days prior to the event date. Rushed processing will accrue additional fees and may be subjected to modifications.   

  3. (If different from applicant)

  4. (total attendance divided by 3)

  5. Is this event public or private?
  6. Is there a fee to participate in your event?
  7. Required Forms:

    THE FOLLOWING FORMS AND SUBMISSIONS ARE REQUIRED (provided to you after this initial application):

    • FORM 2: Special Event Rules & Regulations
    • FORM 3A: Sanitation and Waste Management Plan
    • FORM 3B : Festival & Event Stormwater Agreement
    • FORM 4: Emergency Services Plan 
    • SITE PLAN: including required information 
    • CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: All applicants must submit a Certificate of Insurance listing the Town of FIrestone as Additionally Insured and Certificate Holder 
  8. If applicable

  9. Additional Forms:

    For all YES responses, a corresponding form(s) will be provided to you after the initial application:

  10. FORM 5*

    Will your event include a parade or race?

  11. FORMS 6A & 6B*

    Will your event require street closures? 

  12. FORM 7*

    Will your event include any stages, platforms, and/or bleachers?

  13. FORM 7*

    Will your event include any electrical work utilizing site-construction equipment or wiring?

  14. FORM 7*

    Will your event include any electrical equipment or work utilizing in excess of 120 volts?

  15. FORM 7*

    Will your event include any site-built structure/tent/canopies greater than 400 square feet/20’ X 20’ or greater?

  16. FORMS 7 & 11*

    Will your event include any site-built structure/tent/canopies greater than 400 square feet (20’ X 20’) or greater?

  17. FORM 8A*

    Will there be any amusement equipment? (climbing wall, bounce house, etc.)

  18. FORMS 8A & 8B*

    Will amplified sound be used at the event? (loud speaker)

  19. FORMS 8A & 8B*

    Will you have any musical entertainment? (including DJ)

  20. FORMS 8A & 11*

    Will your event include food or retail vendor sales? (including Food Trucks)

  21. FORM 8B*

    Will your event run later than 10 p.m.?

  22. FORM 9*

    Will your event require security or Police presence?

  23. FORMS 9 & 12*

    Will alcohol be sold or served at your event?

    An additional Special Event Liquor Permit is required through the Town Clerk’s office.

  24. FORM 10*

    Do you wish to display signage at event or around Town?

  25. FORM 11*

    Do you plan to have a fireworks display?

  26. FORM 11*

    Do you have to have activities that will require water?

  27. Park Rules

    With your park rental, the following items are included. Any additional items will be at the expense of the event holder.  

    • Use of existing park trash cans. The event holder must supply staff to empty the garbage cans and dumpster rented by the event holder. Additional trash cans may be rented from a company and will be at the event holder's cost.  
    • Use of Town picnic tables, if applicable.
    • Use of Town restrooms, if applicable. Town restrooms will be maintained and cleaned by Town staff. Additional portable restroom units, if required, are the event holders’ costs and will not be maintained by Town staff. 
    • Use of electrical outlets, if applicable. Any needed power boxes or cords must be rented through a rental company and will be the expense of the event holder.  

    Please adhere to the following rules:

    • No glass
    • No alcohol
    • No fighting
    • No firearms
    • No littering
    • No structures
    • Noise ordinance enforced
    • Keep bicycles off the grass
    • Vehicles permitted in designated areas only
    • No fires. Only gas barbeque stoves are permitted
    • Animals must be kept on a leash at all times and picked up after
    • The curfew for all Town parks is 10 p.m. Your event must be over and your support staff cleared from the park by 10 p.m. unless an exemption has been requested and approved. Crowds spilling over from parks cannot block access to public streets that have not been closed by this event permit. 
  28. Application Fees

    The Town of Firestone charges the following Special Event Application fees. In addition, supporting agencies that are part of the review process may have additional applicable fees. Not all fees may be applicable to your event. An invoice for fees owed will be created upon application approval and must be paid before the permit is created. Please make checks payable to the Town of Firestone. 

    • Special Event Application Review Fee: $100, nonrefundable 
    • Rush Processing Fee: $100, nonrefundable. This fee will be added to the application fee if the proper paperwork is not submitted 60 days in advance of the event. This does not guarantee that certain permits can be processed in time, such as Special Event Liquor License. 
    • Parade Permit Fee: $50
    • Park Usage Rental Fee: $200 per day. This includes all shelters at the park, picnic tables, existing trash containers, and restrooms, but not the exclusivity of the park. The event holder must supply staff to empty the garbage cans and remove them to the dumpster as part of the Sanitation and Waste Management Plan.
    •  Trail Usage Rental Fee: $150 per day. 
    • Temporary Street Closure: $25, nonrefundable
  29. Signature

    By signing this application, I agree that I have read and under the conditions of the Special Events Application from the Town of Firestone. I understand that I must respond promptly to requests for additional information and meet with staff regarding any questions surrounding my special event request. Failure to do any of these things or meet any other requirements set forth by Town staff may delay approval or the denial of this application. I acknowledge that the information contained in this application is accurate, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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