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Citizen Police Academy Application

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  2. Citizen Police Academy Application

    Applicants must live or work within the city limits of Firestone and be 18 years of age or older to qualify. 

    Once your application has been processed and, if accepted, you will be sent a letter of acceptance/ confirmation. This letter will provide you with the beginning date, time and location of the first class.

    Due to the sensitive nature of some subjects being presented in the Firestone Police Citizens’ Academy, a criminal history background check will be conducted on all individuals applying for attendance into the Academy. Individuals found to possess a criminal history will be individually evaluated as to the appropriateness of their attendance in the Academy. Attendance by individuals possessing a felony conviction will be denied. The Firestone Police Department reserves the right to deny attendance based upon adverse criminal history information, or for any other reason.


    These instructions are provided as a guide to assist you in properly completing your application. It is essential that the information be accurate in all respects. It will be used as a basis for a criminal history check that will determine your eligibility for the Firestone Police Citizen Academy. All information on this application will be kept confidential. 

    1. Answer all questions to the best of your ability. If a question is not applicable to you, enter N/A in the space provided. 
    2. An accurate and complete form will expedite the criminal history check of your application.
  5. Have you ever been arrested for, convicted of, or cited for an offense other than minor traffic tickets?*
  7. Is there any medical information you feel the Firestone Police Department should be aware of?*
  9. Please Review*

    Please review your answers carefully and read the statement below before signing this application. 

    I hereby certify that there are no willful misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications in the foregoing statements. I understand any omission or false statements on this application may result in rejection of enrollment or dismissal from the Firestone Police Department Citizen Academy. I understand that the Firestone Police Department will be conducting a thorough criminal history check. By accepting a seat in the Firestone Police Citizen Academy, I hereby give permission to the Town of Firestone and the Town of Firestone Police Department, the use of session photographs that may include my photographic image in public presentations and/or publications. I further understand that I will not receive compensation for the use of my photographic image in said presentations/publications.

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