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Firestone Police Department Body-Worn Camera Video Request

  1. Firestone Officer
  2. Firestone Police Department Body-Worn Camera Video Request

    If this pertains to a CRIMINAL CASE before the WELD COUNTY COMBINED COURTS: Please submit your request for BWC footage through the Discovery process with the District Attorney's Office. DO NOT USE THIS FORM.

    • Please refer to the information fees associated with the research and redaction costs of the BWC videos (listed below). Costs add up quickly, so please be specific as possible in your description. 
    • The Records Administrative Coordinator will contact you to discuss the fees associated with this records request. 
    • For questions on requests, please email

  3. (Number and Street)

  4. Requestor's Involvement in Case:*
  5. Name(s) of Person(s) Involved:
  6. Address or Intersection

  7. Name(s) or Badge Number

  8. Amount of Video:*

    Do you need all of the BWC videos related to this incident?

  9. If NO is selected, please provide a description of the footage you are specifically looking for in the space above.

  10. BWC Options:

    Processing requires full playback of each video by the processing technician before redaction begins, to verify the involvement of each party in the video, ensuring that the video(s) is/are redacted in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes. Please keep this in mind, as far as costs, when requesting video(s) from multiple Officers that responded to the same incident, or a large time frame of video. 

  11. Fees:
    Research and Redaction Processing
    $40 per hour
    1 hour minimum, in addition to the cost of drive/disc
    8 GB Thumb Drive or 4 GB DVD (no outside drives/discs accepted)
    $15 per drive/disc
    Rush Request (less than 7 days between request and date needed)
    Mailing of Records
    (requires payment in full prior to mailing)

    *If the total file size of video exceeds the maximum size of 8 GB flash drive or 4 GB DVD, additional drives/discs will be used. The requestor will be charged $20.00 for each drive/disc used, in addition to the hourly fee.

  12. Which delivery options would you like for the BWC Video?

    Pick an option from EACH column (Thumb Drive or Disc, then Mailed or Pick Up)

  13. Signature:*

    Your signature acknowledges that you will pay all Department fees associated with this record request (We will require a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost before processing a request that exceeds 2 hours of video or research.   All payments must be received in advance of releasing the requested records) and that per Statute 24-72-305.5 the searched records will not be used for the direct solicitation of business for pecuniary gain.

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