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Jingle Bell Walk Donation - Carbon Valley Holiday Festival

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  2. Jingle Bell Walk Prize Donation Form

    As part of our annual Carbon Valley Holiday Festival, the Town of Firestone would like to incorporate a traditional cakewalk into the festivities. This prize-winning opportunity, called the Jingle Bell Walk, is a chance for companies to help sponsor the event and promote their business/organization to our attendees. We are looking for any prize you think someone would enjoy over the holiday season. Creativity is encouraged! 

    The deadline to participate is November 25.

  3. Please be specific on what item(s) you will be donating i.e., cakes or other holiday treats, gift cards, certificates, prize basket, etc.

    • Please note: non-profits are allowed to bake homemade desserts for distribution but they must be packaged. All other desserts (from businesses or organizations) must be pre-purchased from a retail store (grocery or bakery). These stipulations are per Weld County Health and Environment food safety regulations.  
    • You may add a business card or other adornments to the prize.
    • Items can be dropped off at Firestone Town Hall, 9950 Park Avenue, before the end of business day Friday, December 2. 
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