Mosquito Control


The Town of Firestone has contracted with Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) to provide the Town with mosquito management: larval (water treatments), adult mosquito surveillance and trapping, and fogging for the 2023 season.

Weekly Trapping & Management

Mosquito traps are set strategically throughout Town to determine mosquito type and population.  Adult mosquito control spraying is only conducted when necessary and after designated thresholds are met. When the need for adult mosquito control occurs, all the products utilized by VDCI are EPA and State of Colorado approved for public health applications. Spray events may be canceled or postponed, all or in part, without notice. Notice of rescheduled spray events will be posted on VDCI’s spray schedule.

  • View a map of the zones where traps and fogging occurs here
  • View weekly trap data provided to the Town of Firestone here

Which Days are Designated for Mosquito Spraying?

VDCI will set traps on Monday nights and collect them on Tuesday morning. They will count and identify the traps that day and use that information to determine where spraying is needed on Tuesday evenings. Adult mosquito control spraying is only conducted when necessary and after designated thresholds are met. VDCI will generally spray between sunset and midnight on Tuesdays (weather permitting) at the height of mosquito activity to eliminate a larger population of mosquitoes. Spraying may also occur on other days, but only if there are weather or other delays, or if requested directly by the Town for events.


Vector Disease Control provides the Town of Firestone with general information on weekly trap and spray activities within neighborhoods. Residents who wish to be notified directly, and in advance of spraying should complete the Spray Notification & Shut-Off Requests form from VDCI.

Vector Disease Control Services

  • Routine larval surveillance and control
  • Toll-free 24-hour mosquito hotline: 877-276-4306
  • 24-hour response and resolution to mosquito annoyance complaints
  • Weekly trapping, identification, and reporting of adult mosquito species 
  • Monthly reports of services performed, calls received, and actions taken
  • Weekly mosquito fog notifications and viewable schedules (look under Weld County)

Products Used by VDCI

Larval Mosquito Control ProductsAdult Mosquito Control Products

Mosquito Management and Disease Education Resources