Planning & Development

COVID-19 Service Update: June 12, 2020

The Building and Planning divisions appreciate your patience and understanding during the temporary Town Hall closure. Although building and planning offices are now open to the public, we encourage residents and customers to still utilize online applications, links, e-mails, and phone numbers when possible. If you do visit Town Hall, it is recommended that you maintain proper social distancing, avoid shaking hands and continue to take precautions. Please see below for updates to specific department services:

For contractor and business licenses, please complete application and payment online here. For any license questions, please contact or (303) 833-3291.

For building permits, the Town will continue to accept digital applications and plan submittals. Please contact or (303) 833-3291 for more information. Payments for permits can still be made by credit card over the phone, by check via mail, or by either payment method in person. Once payment has been made permits may be picked up at Town Hall or emailed.

For inspections, the Town’s contractor SAFEbuilt continues to provide inspection services for commercial, new residential, and exterior residential (roof, deck, siding, gazebo, etc.) projects. However, to minimize exposure to the public, SAFEbuilt has put in place specific protocols and criteria for inspections inside occupied residential structures. The type of inspection performed for interior occupied residential structures will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For inspection scheduling and questions, please contact SAFEbuilt at, 303-774-0454 or 888-774-0454.

For planning inquiries or applications, contact or (303) 833-3291. If you have been working with a specific planner, please continue to contact them directly.

The Planning & Development Department provides services related to the implementation of planning and land-use policies and regulations to residents, the Board of Trustees, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Parks, Trails and Recreation Advisory Board.

The Town of Firestone has a strong focus on business and economic development in an effort to provide new jobs and provide additional goods and services for Firestone residents. Economic development also increases the Town’s tax base, which helps keep taxes low while providing necessary public services. 

Photo showing a residential area being built up in North Firestone