How did you get my address?

The National Research Center, through Polco, is contracted with the Town of Firestone to conduct this survey. Your address was included in a list of all addresses from the post office. This is a standard service offered by the post office. Your personal information is never shared with anyone, not even the Town of Firestone.

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1. How did you get my address?
2. I received your survey, and while I own the property that it was sent to, I don’t live there. What should I do?
3. I received the survey, but I live outside of the Town of Firestone. Should I complete the survey?
4. If I filled out the survey online when I first received the postcard, should I fill out the paper survey?
5. I did not receive a survey, but I would like to share my opinion. How can I participate?
6. What is the purpose of requesting the person who most recently had a birthday complete the survey?
7. Can we rely on the results of the survey?
8. What will be done with the results?
9. Why am I asked for my email and ZIP code after completing the survey online?