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Started in 2005, the Adopt-A-Place program began when the Town of Firestone and its residents recognized the need to combat litter problems in the community. Throughout the years, many local organizations, businesses and individuals have come together to help keep Firestone a beautiful community to live and work in, and enjoy.

By participating in the Adopt-A-Place program, community groups, businesses and individuals help the Town of Firestone reallocate funds, time and manpower to other much-needed programs and projects, including park construction, upgrades and maintenance, trail-improvement projects and more.

Advantages of the Adopt-A-Place Program:

  • Improve the attractiveness of the town
  • Reduce roadway, park and trail pollution
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Increase public awareness of environmental issues
  • Reduce the cost of litter removal

Adopt-A-Place Program Overview

Adopt-A-Place Locations for Adoption

Adopt-A-Place Program Agreement

Adopt-A-Place Safety Rules & Guidelines