Smart Irrigation Controller Giveaway

irrigation controllerThe Town of Firestone received a Water Efficiency Grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) in the fall of 2016. As part of the grant there is a pilot program to retrofit 50 qualifying residential homes with a smart irrigation controller. Beginning Jan, 1, 2017, residents are encouraged to apply to be 1 of 50 residents to receive the smart irrigation controller for free.

How Can Residents Apply

To be a qualifying residence, applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be Town of Firestone water utilities customer.
  • Program is not available for new construction.
  • Only single-family residential properties can apply.
  • Only one application can be submitted per property.
  • At least one year of prior water usage at the property is required to qualify.
  • Applicant must have and maintain Wi-Fi service at the property at all times. The smart irrigation controller must be continuously connected to Wi-Fi to operate the evapotranspiration weather information connection. This network connection will need to be established during installation.    
  • Smart irrigation controller retrofit must be installed and applicant must schedule an onsite inspection of controller retrofit with the Town of Firestone within 30 days of receipt.
  • Other requirements maybe required. Please see official application for a complete list.


Key Features of the Smart Irrigation Controller:

  • Wireless rain and freeze sensor is included.
  • Up to eight stations.
  • Station run times can range between 1 minute and 6 hours.
  • Watering day schedules can be custom days of the week - odd or even calendar days - and cyclic (such as every two days, or every three days, etc.).
  • Controller may be set to 12-hour AM/PM and/or 24-hour mode.
  • Controller has 365-day calendar back up against power interruptions.
  • Controller can be remotely accessed via Mobile App using an Apple iOS or Android compatible mobile device with internet access.

Key Mobile App Features:

  • Controller view shall display an image of the controller with name, station or zone list and local weather report.
  • Expanded view shall allow remote programming of irrigation schedules including a manual watering feature.
  • Calendar view shall show a graphical representation of the selected controller irrigation schedule.
  • Remote control view shall provide instant access to manual operation for each station or zone.
  • Controller settings view shall provide configuration and editing of controller information, network settings and notification preferences.

Please visit Town Hall for a complete list of controller and mobile app features.