Neighborhood Services

NSO TruckThe Town of Firestone Neighborhood Services Officers (NSO’s) are responsible for enforcing code enforcement issues within the Town limits. The Board of Trustees adopted Town Municipal Codes, specifically designed to address nuisances to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment for our community.  Neighborhood Services Officers are dedicated to working in partnership with residents, tenants, landlords, and business owners to ensure Firestone remains a high-quality place to live, work, and play.

By bringing code concerns to the property owner’s attention to ensure homes and businesses are properly maintained, the appearance and safety of the community are improved. Through working together with the community, the Neighborhood Services Division will help to stabilize neighborhoods, preserve housing stock, reduce crime, and preserve and enhance Firestone’s quality of life for future generations.

With a focus on “Service Over Citation,” the goal of Neighborhood Services is to work with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, and other Town departments to:

  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with Town laws and codes.
  • Connect property owners with area resources.
  • Develop public outreach and education programs.
  1. John Frahm

    Neighborhood Services Officer
    Phone: 303-833-3291 Ext. 5516

Quick Links for Neighborhood Services

Firestone citizens can take an active role in maintaining and improving the quality and condition of their neighborhoods by following the Town’s Municipal Code. These codes provide regulations to safeguard life, health, property, and the public’s welfare.

The Town of Firestone encourages its citizens to be community minded by getting to know your neighbors. Working together we can provide and maintain safe, clean, and attractive neighborhoods.

NSO’S do observe and address violations of the code on a proactive basis, however, residents may contact the Town to make a complaint.  Citizens are also encouraged to cooperate with one another in a friendly manner to resolve concerns before contacting Neighborhood Services for assistance. 

The Town of Firestone’s “Report It” program is an easy way to send in your questions, service requests, and comments to Town staff. To submit a nuisance report simply click on Report It, then on Code Violation Concern/Comment, create an account, and complete the form that will then be directed to a Neighborhood Services Officer for investigation. The NSO’S act as town liaisons for you, presenting educational programs, researching available resources, and working to develop and expand programs aiming to connect the Town with its citizens and improve the quality of Firestone neighborhoods. Your comments are important.