Home Improvement Grant Program

  1. John Frahm

    Neighborhood Services Officer
    Phone: 303-833-3291 Ext. 5516

The Town of Firestone strives to be a community where residents, regardless of age, mobility or income are comfortable and safe in their homes. With that goal in mind, the Town has partnered with Brothers Redevelopment, Inc., to serve 18-56 households within the Town of Firestone with housing rehabilitation projects for income qualified residents who need crucial home repairs.

The Town of Firestone is accepting applications from income-qualified homeowners, who need assistance making necessary health and safety repairs to their homes.  Applications will be processed on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS until funds have been depleted.   This service is funded by the Town of Firestone and by a grant from the Weld County CDBG Program.

Initial Qualifications

  1. You must own a home within the Town of Firestone.
  2. You must have homeowner’s insurance.
  3. You must be current with your mortgage.
  4. Your household income must be below 80% Area Median Income for Weld County.


Required Documents

  1. ID of everyone in household over the age of 18.
  2. Proof of gross monthly income for everyone in household such as Social Security Award Letter.  If employed, please provide two current pay stubs.
  3. Any additional proof of income such as alimony, child support or income generated from other assets such as a pension.
  4. Most current tax return, or if you no longer submit tax returns please fill out the enclosed affidavit.
  5. If self-employed, 2 years most recent tax returns and a profit and loss statement.
  6. 2 months of bank statements for all adults in the household and for all bank accounts (every page required, including blank pages).
  7. Mortgage statement or release of deed of trust if home is paid off.
  8. Homeowners insurance policy declaration page.
  9. One household bill: utility, trash, water, etc.

The application process will open soon

  • Town of Firestone / Brother's Redevelopment Application
  • Submit completed application, along with all required documents above to:
Weld CountyCDBGBrothers Redev