Historic Firestone Neighborhood Plan

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Feedback Needed! 

In the summer of 2021, the Town of Firestone began working on a Historic Firestone Neighborhood Plan. After hosting community meetings, open houses, design workshops, attending community events, and having conversations with neighbors and business owners the plan is almost complete. 

The community is invited to review the draft plan and provide feedback here.  The commenting period will be open until February 18, 2022.  

Documents & More Information

Previous Outreach Opportunities

  • June 18 – interactive information booth at the Food & Flick Friday event at Harney Park
  • July 13: Community Meeting #1 – dialogue to identify issues and opportunities and begin establishing a vision for the neighborhood
  • July 16 – interactive information booth at the Food and Flick Friday at Hart Park
  • July 28 – Updates to the Town Board of Trustees during a Board Meeting
  • August 6 – interactive information booth at Bite Club at Miners Park
  • August 17: Design Open House – preliminary design concepts will be shown for a number of areas in the neighborhood 
  • September 14: Community Meeting #2 – discussion of project priorities, emerging concepts, and goal setting
  • November 16 – Update to the Board of Trustees during a Work Session
  • January 19 Update to the Board of Trustees during a Work session

About the Historic Firestone Neighborhood Plan 

The Historic Firestone Neighborhood Plan is the guiding document for elected officials to depend on for making quality decisions in regard to the development of programs and projects within the Historic Firestone Neighborhood along with the funding for such efforts. The plan provides an evaluation of the conditions and uniqueness of the original Town site and presents goals and policies to guide investment and program development decisions. It is intended to assist in the creation of appropriate commercial uses and reduction of vacancy by capitalizing on the strengths and uniqueness of the area and to enhance the conditions of the residential community. The ultimate goal is to ensure a vibrant, lively, safe, well-kept, clean and inclusive environment for both residents and commercial property owners.  

The Town of Firestone received a DOLA REDI Grant in 2020 to assist in funding the plan preparation and executed a contract with the project consultants in May of 2021.