Community Survey

TOF Community Survey LogoThe Town of Firestone has partnered with Polco to conduct a National Community Survey. All households within Firestone received a survey invitation in the mail, inviting them to participate in this survey online or inviting them to mail back an actual paper survey. The survey collection occurred between early June and mid-July of 2023.

The survey results will be a powerful tool to help guide policy direction for the Firestone Board of Trustees and help prioritize projects within the Town. In addition, the Town looks forward to continuing to use this platform to ask follow-up questions and engage with the public.

Highlights of Results & Key Findings

  • Evaluations of Firestone’s quality of life measures were strong and on par with benchmark comparison communities across the nation. About 8 in 10 residents gave excellent or good ratings to: Firestone as a place to raise children, their neighborhood as a place to live, the overall quality of life in Firestone, recommending living in Firestone, and plan to remain in Firestone for the next five years.
  • Safety is a priority and a strength for Firestone, with most residents rating this facet as both of high importance and high quality.
  • Firestone residents highlight some potential areas of focus in the local economy. While the overall economic health of Firestone was identified by about 6 in 10 residents as excellent or good, 9 in 10 rated this area as essential or very important to focus on in the coming two years.
  • Residents offer insight into the development of Central Park.
  • 9 in 10 residents indicated they were likely to use the Town website as a source of information, and 8 in 10 were likely to use the Town’s eNotification via email or text.

2023 Results

A report of the survey results was provided by Polco and is available to view as a PDF or an Online Dashboard

  1. Ivy Pitts

    Administrative Operations Coordinator

Si tiene preguntas en español sobre la encuesta, llame al 303 833-0811 ext. 3813.