Community Survey

Keep an Eye on Your Mailbox!

TOF Community Survey LogoThe Town of Firestone has partnered with Polco to conduct a National Community Survey.  All households will soon receive a postcard inviting them to participate in this survey online. Shortly after that, households will also receive a paper survey in the mail.  

The postcard invitation and paper survey will have a unique link or code based on the location of your household and should not be shared with neighbors or friends. The goal is to have one survey response from each household. The instructions ask the adult who most recently had a birthday to complete the survey.  

An open participation online survey will be available on the Town's website between June 26th and July 13th. If additional adults in your household would like to participate, they are encouraged to take the open participation survey online when it opens.

The survey collection will remain open until mid-July. Additional reminders will be sent to residents, posted online, and shared on the Town's social media channels. The Board of Trustees encourages all households to participate. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in shaping Firestone's future. The survey results will be a powerful tool to help guide policy direction for the Firestone Board of Trustees and help prioritize projects within the Town. In addition, the Town looks forward to continuing to use this platform to ask follow-up questions and engage with the public.

  1. Ivy Pitts

    Administrative Operations Coordinator

Si tiene preguntas en español sobre la encuesta, llame al 303 833-0811 ext. 3813.