Work Plan

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During the 2023 Board of Trustees Retreat, the Board was presented with a draft 2024-2025 Work Plan outlining current and future goals based on previous Board direction and the Board of Trustee Strategic Goals. Board members and staff worked together to revise the draft plan. During the meeting on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, the Board of Trustees formally adopted the Work Plan. 

The Work Plan will provide the Board of Trustees and Town Staff with clear objectives, priorities, and timelines for upcoming projects and initiatives.  

Board of Trustees Strategic Goals 

  1. Maintain Town infrastructure and facilities 
  2. Uphold fiscal integrity 
  3. Establish a strong and competitive business environment 
  4. Encourage community governance with civic partnerships 
  5. Maintain a safe, clean, and beautiful town 
  6. Design and promote livable neighborhoods and homes

View the 2024-2025 Town of Firestone Work Plan here.